Monday, 30 November 2015

Photos of Damaged Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQA

As reported on the CQ Plane Spotting Blog, Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQA was damaged during a super-cell thunderstorm in Chinchilla late last month. 

On Friday 20th November, the Dash 8 was ferried to Cairns at a cruising altitude of only 10 000ft.

Below are photos of it at Cairns on Friday 27th November. As shown by the pen markings on the fuselage, it appears that it received a substantial amount of hail damage.

Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQA

It is currently unknown as to whether the aircraft will be repaired or if it will be written-off.

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