Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Skytrans Aircraft Movements

With the closure of Skytrans Airlines, all 9 Dash 8's have been flown to Cairns, where they are currently parked at various locations around the airport.

Below is a list of all 9 Skytrans Dash 8's, along with their final known movements:

Dash 8-100's:

Registration Route Callsign Date
VH-QQA Normanton (YNTN) – Cairns (YBCS) SKP55 29th December 2014

VH-QQB Northern Peninsula (YPNE) - Cairns

SKP23 2nd January 2015
VH-QQC Mount Isa (YBMA) - Cairns  SKP67 31st October 2014

VH-QQF Mount Isa (YBMA) - Cairns  SKP61 2nd January 2015


(Ferry Flight)
Toowoomba (YTWB) - Birsbane (YBBN)

Brisbane (YBBN) - Cairns


31st December 2014

2nd January 2015 
VH-QQI Kowanyama (YKOW) - Cairns

SKP85 2nd January 2015

Skytrans Dash 8-100 - file photo

Dash 8 Q300's:

Registration Route Callsign Date

(For planned maintenance)

Brisbane (YBBN) - Cairns SKP9086 29th October 2014


(Ferry flight)

Brisbane (YBBN) – Cairns VH-QQN 9th January 2015

(Ferry flight)

Brisbane (YBBN) – Cairns VH-QQP 9th January 2015

Skytrans Dash 8 Q300 at Brisbane in January 2013

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