Saturday, 31 May 2014

First Visit to Cairns for Jetstar's Orange 10th Birthday A320

On Tuesday afternoon, Jetstar's Airbus A320 VH-VGF made its first visit to Cairns in its all-over orange colour scheme from Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML) as JQ946.

The 3-year-old Airbus A320, repainted to celebrate Jetstar's 10th anniversary, has sported this livery  for a bit over a week now.

On the right side of the fuselage, the A320 features text saying 'Low fares forever' and on the left side '#jetstargeneration'.

Jetstar Airbus A320 VH-VGF on the ground at Cairns on Tuesday
After about an hour on the ground, the colourful A320 departed for Melbourne Tullamarine (YMML) as JQ949.

Planespotting Photos from Tuesday

A few planespotting photos from last Tuesday:

Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQF

Tigerair Airbus A320 VH-VNO

Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQI

Jetstar Airbus A320 VH-VGH

QantasLink Dash 8 Q300 VH-TQY. Interestingly, TQY is one of only four Q300s to feature the revised QantasLink livery


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Qantas Freight 767-300F Visits Again and a New Flying Video

Once again, Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR arrived from Auckland (NZAA) as QF7533 this evening.

Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR landing in Cairns - file photo

About an hour later, the 767-300F departed for Hong Kong (VHHH) as QF7531.

Also, I have uploaded a video from my flight yesterday morning. In the video, the Instructor and I conducted some practice missed approaches and touch & goes.

Click below to play the video:

Or, you can watch it on Youtube here: 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Movements at Cairns Yesterday

Yesterday, there were multiple noteworthy movements, including two Lockheed Hercules and the increasingly common Boeing 767-300F.

  • During the morning, Lynden Air Cargo Lockheed L-382 Hercules N403LC arrived from Port Moresby (AYPY) as L2535. At the time of this post it has not yet departed.
Lynden Air Cargo L-382 N403LC arriving in Cairns yesterday


  • Later on in the day, another Hercules, this time a Royal Australian Air Force C-130J also arrived in Cairns. Unfortunately its origin and its serial number is unknown. It later departed in a southerly direction.
RAAF C-130J departing Cairns. Note the prop vortices being created by all four propellers.

  • Lastly, Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR arrived from Auckland (NZAA) as QF7533. After about an hour in the ground, the eight-year-old 767-300F departed for Hong Kong (VHHH) as QF7531.
Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR arriving yesterday afternoon


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F Transits Through Cairns

This afternoon, Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR passed though Cairns from Auckland (NZAA) as QF7533.

Qantas Freight Boeing 767-300F VH-EFR landing in Cairns in March - file photo

About an hour later the 767-300F departed for Hong Kong (VHHH) as QF7531.


Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Lynden Air Cargo Visits

This afternoon, Lynden Air Cargo L-382 N403LC made a visit to Cairns from Port Moresby (AYPY) as LY505.

About two hours later, the L-382 departed back to Port Moresby (AYPY) as LY2050.

Lynden Air Cargo L-382 N403LC parked on Taxiway Golf at Cairns in January - file photo

Planespotting Photos From Last Week

Some planespotting photos from Tuesday 29th April:

QantasLink Boeing 717-200 VH-NXR

Flightech Beechcraft Kingair 200 VH-WZN

Jetstar Airbus A330-200 VH-EBD

Skytrans Dash 8-100 VH-QQD

Royal Flying Doctor Service Cessna 208B Caravan VH-NQC

Cape Flattery Mines Cessna 208EX Grand Caravan VH-CZF

Jetstar Airbus A320SL VH-VFX

Royal Flying Doctor Service Beechcraft Kingair 200 VH-NQA