Monday, 11 August 2014

North Queensland Aero Club Spot-Landing Competition - Photos

On Sunday 3rd August, the North Queensland Aero Club (NQAC) held it's annual Spot-Landing Contest at Atherton Aerodrome (YATN).

The aim was to land on, or just after a white line drawn across the runway (where the gable markers are).

Below are some photos of the event:

Jabiru J-230 24-7419

Cirrus SR22 VH-WJB

NQAC Cessna 172 VH-LHI

GlaStar VH-MCH touching down just short of the line!


NQAC Cessna 172 VH-LIO

Jabiru J-230 24-7419 back on the ground

NQAC Cessna 152 VH-CRM

Beechcraft F33A Bonanza VH-YDV

Cessna 337 Skymaster VH-IOQ

Cirrus SR22 VH-WJB


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