Saturday, 7 September 2013

C-17s, A330s and 737s!

The past week has seen some very abnormal flights - including two RAAF C-17 Globemasters, a China Southern A330-200 and the Nauru Air 737-300 which seems to be visiting more often now.

  • On Tuesday, China Southern A330-300 B-6531 arrived from Guangzhou (ZGGG) as CSN381. It later departed to Brisbane (YBBN) using the same Flight Number. Then, during the afternoon, it came back from Brisbane (YBBN) as CSN382, before departing back to Guangzhou (ZGGG) also as CSN382.

  • And then on Thursday, a RAAF C-17 Globemaster A41-210 arrived from unknown. Currently, it is still parked on taxiway Golf.

  • The next day (Friday) another RAAF C-17 - this time A41-208 touched down from unknown. It is believed that it departed late Friday night.
It is uncertain as to why two RAAF C-17s visited, however, on North Queensland Aero Club's Facebook page, apparently A41-210 was forced to land at Cairns due to a hydraulic leak. It is possible that A41-208 stopped by to drop off some equipment for it.

A41-208 and A41-210 together on Taxiway G

  • And lastly, Nauru Air 737-300 VH-NLK has been quite frequent over the last week - coming every couple of days during the early morning. This morning, it arrived from Darwin (YPDN) as ASY996, and then departed for Nauru (ANYN) using ASY966 the Flight Number still. It has now departed Nauru (ANYN) and is expected to arrive later this evening as ASY996.
VH-NLK - file photo


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