Monday, 18 February 2013

Even more news from YBCS

VH-QQE Dash 8-200 is now in basic Maroomba livery, with the Maroomba titles removed.

QantasLink's new acquisition Dash 8 Q400 VH-LQH is now out of the Hawker Pacific Hanger, where it has been for near a month now.

Lynden Air Cargo Hercules is back again and is parked over at the international terminal. I hope to get a photo of it when it departs.

And lastly, some photos of the Air Hinterland Aero Commander 500S Shrike VH-TFY that has been broken apart:

TFY being unloaded from the truck. 

 The empennage section being driven into the airport

The empennage section going into the Hinterland hanger

The fuselage of TFY being driven to the Hinterland hanger

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